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Seattle has a passion for pets (and pet owners), so Trupanion offers a unique brand of pet health insurance just for Seattle and Washington.

"We pay out thousands of claims every year for everything from common accidents and illnesses to bizarre situations pet owners couldn’t have prepared for," said Darren DeFeo, Senior Vice President at Trupanion. "It's a good feeling knowing we help so many pets and pet owners."

Trupanion pet insurance company is different from all the rest. Starting with a clean slate, Trupanion chose to go down a different path with the idea of creating a company based on claim payout and not claim denials.

Trupanion can do more than other pet insurance companies in Washington because they are insuring pets that all have a similar level of risk.

Some of the benefits for pet parents include:

  • Dogs and cats get lifetime coverage with no payout limits per condition, claim, year, or lifetime.
  • Trupanion will pay 90% of the actual cost of diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications.
  • Pet parents are never penalized because of their pet's aging or for submitting claims.

About Trupanion

Trupanion pet insurance offers cat insurance and dog insurance in the United States and Canada. Trupanion is self-underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company, allowing Trupanion to offer a simple, customized pet insurance policy with no payout limits and 90% coverage of veterinary bills. Enrolled pets receive lifetime coverage for diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications if they get sick or are injured, with no incident, annual or lifetime limit. Trupanion's mission is to deliver fast, simple and user-friendly financial support to pet owners.

Phone: 800-569-7913

Pet Ownership Costs

Source: MSN Money
Pet Ownership Costs - Girl holding dog

A recent article on MSN Money titled "Will Your Pet Bankrupt You?" discussed the importance of planning for unexpected expenses related to your pet. The author told of a relative who faced over $16,000 in vet bills after her dog developed a series of serious but treatable conditions. "Luckily, she had bought pet insurance right before the first diagnosis, and most of the bills were covered," said the author.

Pet insurance is one way to protect your pocketbook against high veterinary costs. No one wants to think that their pet could develop a condition that would end up costing thousands of dollars to treat. But the fact is, one in two pets will face a major health care crisis in its lifetime, and it's important to be prepared.

The article went on to discuss a reader who looked into pet insurance after her dog ingested a rope that blocked her intestines. Treatment included surgery and was extremely expensive. Unfortunately, the owner decided against pet insurance and later the dog again ingested a foreign object that required yet another surgery and more money. That second surgery didn't have to be such a hit to the owner's finances - if she had invested in pet insurance, that second surgery most likely would have been covered.

The author says that her point is that pet ownership can be much more expensive than simply the general expense of food, treats, yearly vaccinations, and grooming. Unexpected vet expenses must be factored in and pet insurance can help you save money when disaster strikes.

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Thank you pet lovers of Washington for visiting this website. We hope you and all of the pet owners in Seattle and King County will consider pet insurance for your pet.


Pet Insurance Claims

Actual pet insurance claims

Pet Insurance Claims - Cat at Veterinarian

Compare Actual Pet Insurance Claims! The cost of an unlucky pet can add up. Here are some examples of actual pet insurance claims and associated veterinary costs for incidents that can happen to a pet of any age.

member since 2005

Breed: Cat, Siamese
Hobby: Purring
Treated for: Puncture Wound
Claim paid: $223.64
Time to process claim: 3 days
Monthly premium: $17.85

member since 2003

Breed: Dog, German Shepherd cross
Hobby: Hiking
Treated for: Tumor removal
Claim paid: $1,748.03
Time to process claim: 3 days
Monthly premium: $28.87

Mittens: member since 2004

Breed: Cat, Himalayan
Hobby: Wrestling with candy wrappers
Treated for: Surgery to remove swallowed ribbon
Claim paid: $1,346.49
Time to process claim: 1 day
Monthly premium: $18.32